san diego attractions

San Diego attractions you may not know about

San Diego Attractions You May Not Know About

What else you can do in San Diego

There are many popular attractions in San Diego, but we’re here today to tell you about a couple that you may well not have heard of, or thought about doing. They’re not “tourist” attractions, per se, but a California travel escort has recommended them. We just try to share with you a few of our experiences from time to time, and those of the girls who work with us.

san diego attractions

The best place for brunch at the moment

And why not start off with something simple? It’s not all about the massive places you know. If you want a damn good brunch, you apparently should go to the Hotel del Coronado. Some of you know it, some of you need an explanation. Well, it’s one of those San Diego attractions with a view that’s breathtaking. You look over the ocean, and when you’re having a late breakfast or brunch, there is nowhere else in the city you’d rather be. This old Victorian building with its beautiful peaked roof has been a mecca for Hollywood stars in the past, and has been host to the likes of the legendary Marilyn Monroe! Imagine telling your San Diego Escort that she’s staying in the same hotel as that star! When ordering, they advised us to try the egg soufflé!

Get the creeps in Old Town

You ever heard of a city having a “recognized” haunted house? Well, you should try out The Whaley House. Apparently, according to history, this 19th Century site was once the place where all those bad folk swung from the gallows! Creep right? The tour is fantastic, and it is spooky. That makes this San Diego attraction the perfect place to get your San Diego escorts holding you nice and tightly! It might not seem like the obvious thing to do, but she’s sure going to want to go for a drink with you after a spooky ghost tour!