atlanta escort in piedmont park

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Atlanta Escorts Await Your Pleasure

Discovering Atlanta's parks and gardens

Atlanta with its beautiful parks and gardens in the fall is a wonderful place to be indeed. Forget about that “Autumn in New York” song by Sinatra, try it out here instead with a beautiful and attentive young Atlanta escort. We’re going to give you a few ideas about what you can do and where you can go. If you’re staying in Atlanta, you want to make the most of it and an escort, while she’ll captivate your every sense, is only part of the experience.

atlanta escort in piedmont park

Piedmont Park

Piedmont Park is one of the best parks in the US. We already said forget about New York, didn’t we? Well, you can forget about Central Park too, because Atlanta Piedmont Park has it all. It looks stunning in Autumn, and it’s not too cold to enjoy a romantic walk with one of our companions. You’ll still get a ridiculous amount of joggers of course, but this seems to be the thing in practically every park in America that’s big enough to have them! There’s a great place to grab a beer and a steak at Parkside Brewery if you’re peckish, but you know what? A picnic is a much more romantic idea, don’t you think?

Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Even in the autumn, it’s lovely in the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, and it gets even better during the holiday season. The lights are wonderful and so romantic that you’ll have your travel escort eating out of your hand! The Japanese garden is one of our favorites. There’s something to be said about being with a beautiful woman when you’re walking among such a natural looking place. Trees, plants, flowers and good times!

Our Atlanta Escorts Guide

If you’d like some more information, check out our Atlanta escorts guide, where you’ll find some restaurant recommendations, hotel ideas and some more places you should consider visiting. We hope your Atlanta escort experience is everything you hope it will be. Have a great time!