vip escort on christmas festival

Alternative Christmas destinations

Alternative Christmas Destinations

Christmas markets and Christmas festivals

We know it’s not Christmas yet, but people need to get organized of course. That’s why we’re currently looking out for new and exciting places for you to go with your holiday escorts this Christmas. All the girls we know love Christmas time, and when they’re in their festive cheer mood, you’re never going to regret booking them to see some of these places.

vip escort on christmas festival

Ice Sculpture Festival - Amsterdam

You don’t just have to cruise around the red light district when you go to Amsterdam or get high. Take a gorgeous woman with you instead and have a romantic, maybe even magical experience at the festival. Each year they have a different theme for the sculptures and this year the theme is music. The festival begins on December 10th and goes on into February.

Christmas markets - Gothenburg

Christmas markets may seem a little tired now, but have you experienced them in different parts of the world yet? Gothenburg is in Sweden in case you didn’t know. We have many travel escorts who would be euphoric to accompany you. In Gothenburg, they have amusement parks, skating and all sorts of things on offer. The Gothenburg festival is actually on now, and it goes on until January.

Festival in Padstow – Cornwall UK

If you’re already resident in the UK, this one isn’t going to be a long trip at all. You can also book one of our London Escorts to go with you to the Christmas market. It's a food festival primarily, with some incredible celebrity chefs making an appearance. This one is only a four-day event, but it’ll be worth it. It runs from 1st December.

Don’t fancy anything new?

A simple weekend away in the country in front of an open fire would suffice of course, or if you’re not the cozying up type, take your travel escort to a tropical island for a few days. It’s entirely up to you, all you need to do is call us, and we’ll set it all up!