Affiliates can earn a whopping 25% commission on down payments, which we receive for bookings. The whole affiliate area is automated, so that you can check everything live.

Example: A client visits our website through a referral link on your website. The client returns several times and finally books for 6 days by using our payment gateway (Cookies stay alive for 180 days). Our affiliate system will recognize it and will show 25% of €1200 = €300. From that amount we will deduct a small percentage for the costs of our payment processors and other costs we may have in direct relation to the transaction. The 25% net share will be send from our corporate account to you by International bank transfer!

Please find our rates and down payments below:

DaysTotal Rate in EUR
11600 EUR
22400 EUR
33200 EUR
44000 EUR
54800 EUR
65600 EUR
76400 EUR