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About Travel-Escorts

We have founded Travel-Escorts in the belief that one can have one’s cake and eat it. For too long, discerning gentlemen have had their desire for a mutually beneficial, commitment free arrangement held to ransom by self-styled "elite" escort agencies. Our commitment to offering luxury authentic girlfriend experiences with some of the freshest, most vibrant and inspiring young women around the world has finally provided a credible alternative.

Our reputation

Our high quality introduction service has established a stellar reputation amongst those discerning gentlemen who appreciate and expect absolute attention to detail in all aspects of their lives. The high class International escorts that we represent are ladies of high society with unblemished reputations, and their excellent social standing mirrors that of the sophisticated gentlemen with whom they share their time. From the very first moment a client contacts us, we aim to deliver exceptional companionship that will form a warm and everlasting memory.

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What we offer

Our strict adherence to our self-imposed set of high values means that we attract and retain the most exclusive, well-bred and accomplished companions who affirm the notion that it is possible to enjoy a professional girlfriend experience with no long term commitment, just the freedom to fully enjoy the benefits that success brings. The high class escorts that we represent are not just physically appealing. They bring a fresh vitality and a well-educated perspective to enrich any social engagement. Their sense of integrity, honesty and inner beauty are affirmations of a refined and genuine woman of merit. Our escorts travel worldwide to accompany you.

A successful and sophisticated gentleman should be able to commit to his success without distraction or entanglements, and yet when it is convenient, he can also indulge in a temporary relationship befitting his position with no after effects nor recriminations once the window of opportunity has closed. Our high-class escort service offers a fluidity and ability to properly manage one’s personal life to allow a romantic encounter take precedence at a time that is suitable. With no distractions and the ability to completely focus on pleasure, two adults can experience a mutually enjoyable understanding.

International models that match your expectations

Our Elite Escorts inspire, delight and ignite the senses to offer an authentic girlfriend experience unlike anything ever experienced before. They add a depth to a temporary girlfriend experience that is missing with less accomplished ladies, and our sophisticated clients recognize those qualities as they appreciate that they only enhance the essence of the assignation.

Our exclusive VIP introduction service unifies both sides of the equation beautifully to result in a perfect solution for those seeking a mutually beneficial arrangement. Our upscale introductions are available only to those who seek and expect perfection in all aspects of their lives. has emerged as one of the most respected professional introductory services and allows the sensual freedom of choice within the rigid boundaries of social expectations. For us, it is about creating wonderful moments of such delicate purity and pleasure that they are treasured for the years ahead.

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